Now located at:
Behemoth, Lavender Beds, W5, P36
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Welcome to the nightclub!

Today's Special Events: 7/19/22:-Themed Cosplay Contestt!
- Pink Miqo will be holding 100/0 auctions starting at 10pm EST
- Featured DJs: MaetheDJ, Dollipop, DJ Reo, Swage

-Tonights Live DJ Streams:---> MaeTheDj <---- 9p-11p EST
---> Dj Dollipop <--- 11p-1a EST
---> SWAGEsound <--- 1a-3a EST
-Other Amazing FFXIV DJ's to check out:
---> SWAGEsound <---
---> MaeTheDj <---
---> Dj PriParadigm <---
---> IamRazrWirez <---
---> OmgJoJo <---
---> WeAreMesmerist <---
---> DjSeidaFox <---
---> Dj Dollipop <---
---> SWAGEsound <---
---> Dj Kit Kat <---
---> DJCosmicFox <---

We offer a variety of services and host events! First tell us what you'd like to learn more about:


Drinks - 6k each-Pink Bunny
- Whiskey, Coca-Cola, lime and a touch of sugar
-Late Harvest Sour
- Bourbon, lemon juice, orange liqueur, cane syrup, lemon rose garnish
-Tequila Sunrise
- Tequila, orange juice, grenadine
-Gin Basil Smash
- Gin, basil leaves, lemon juice, simple syrup
-Red Ul'Dahn Wine
- The finest red wine Ul'Dah has to offer.

Scheduled Openings:

The Miqo will now open Every Tuesday 9p-3a est. .

Our services include:

- Vip costs 3 million gil, and grants access to the upstairs portion of the venue for the night.